Black Founders in Clean Technology

Do you want to develop your ideas and passion into a new venture in the cleantech sector? Are you currently crafting or running a start-up and searching for tools and strategies to advance your success? In this course, you will engage with top industry experts and business colleagues to learn how to analyze the market potential of a cleantech business idea, craft a compelling value proposition, and develop community and business networks. You will participate in holistic learning experiences designed to support personal and professional growth alongside venture development. This course is offered in collaboration with the Afro-Caribbean Business Network and Sheridan’s EDGE Entrepreneurship Hub. ACBN is a network that unifies and educates African and Caribbean entrepreneurs as they grow successful and sustainable businesses. EDGE is an incubator for purpose-driven ventures and a community of people who believe entrepreneurship can make lasting change in society.

Course Description

Centering and supporting Black Founders to develop new ventures in the cleantech sector, this 12-week certificate course aims to build the entrepreneurial endurance and business acumen to identify environmental challenges, innovate solutions with market potential and locate resources and relationships to start-up/sustain. Founders will engage in hands-on learning circles led by Black innovators to acquire practical skills and strategies, actioning them through accountability challenges, group coaching, self reflection and networking. In this way, sessions are experiential and holistic in design to support personal and professional growth alongside venture development.

Delivery Format

12 Hybrid Sessions

Access to course materials and assignments will be available on Sheridan’s Learning and Teaching Environment (SLATE). Students will need reliable access to a computer and the internet.

Reflective and Group Coaching Elements

To build personal entrepreneurial endurance-focused on mindset, persistence, collaboration, confidence, wellbeing, self-awareness, relationship-building, resourcefulness.

Curated Guest Speakers

Black Founders with relatable and inspiring personal experiences and demonstrated interest in being part of students’ ongoing networks of support. 

Learning Outcomes

To achieve the critical performance, students will have demonstrated the ability to:
  • $Assess the entrepreneurialism and clean tech innovation of Black founders
  • $Explore environmental challenges that present entrepreneurial opportunities in clean tech
  • $Assess the market potential and feasibility of new cleantech innovations
  • $Craft a compelling value proposition
  • $Identify sources of start up funding and understand how to position a venture for success
  • $Build networks of support for continued personal, professional and venture development
  • $Develop group coaching techniques to give, receive, assess and activate constructive feedback to aid personal, professional and venture development.

Interested in Clean Tech?

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