“The black community has many negative stereotypes and the only way to change them is through building better positive ones to replace them.”

I forget who said that quote to me but it got me thinking about our black business community and all the stereotypes I have heard and what can be done about them.

– Customer Service is Bad and Rude

– Prices are too high

– No one answers the phone

– We do not have a united community

I know I have failed to answer my phone at an acceptable rate and I used to just make excuses for it.  That is until I was told that I have a bad habit and it needs to be worked on if I want to progress as a business owner.  This led me to find solutions to the problem and find an answering service to make sure that no phone calls are missed.

The stereotype that I feel we can tackle is the lack of a united community and we can change that negative to a positive with the Afro Caribbean  Business Network.  We are looking forward to meeting all the business owners that want to grow their company.

Stay tuned for more details…

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  1. This is a great movement that is so needed to help nourish and sustain our communities. Let’s take care of our businesses from the family table to to the board table and community tables.

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