Our Vision

To be leaders in unifying and educating African and Caribbean entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in a successful and sustainable way.

Running a business on your own can be difficult, but being part of a supportive community will make your entrepreneurship journey easier. The Afro-Caribbean Business Network (ACBN) was created to provide resources for Black business owners to build sustainable and successful businesses.


Our History

In 2017, Jodi-Ann Campbell, Chris-Beth Cowie, Derrick Fagan, Darren Green, Ryan Knight, Ray McMillan, and Keisha Wallace had the idea to create a business network for the Black community that would bridge the economic gap for Black entrepreneurs. From that idea came the Afro-Caribbean Business Network. ACBN’s objective is to provide Black businesses with the resources they need to start, grow and scale up. Our goal is to ensure that our businesses are prosperous—and part of the fabric of Canadian business for years to come.

Our network encourages the pursuit of entrepreneurship and developing connections to help business owners stay engaged during their entrepreneurial journey and leave a lasting legacy.

See Our Work in Action

ACBN Board Members

Headshot ACBN president Lorraine Telesford


 Lorraine Telesford 

A passionate wife, accounting professional, golfer, tennis player and former motorcycle racer and part time college professor! She is currently the CEO & Chief Solutions Architect of On Track Accounting Solutions Inc. a company she founded and incorporated in 2018. Lorraine is passionate about business and loves engaging within her ethnic community. As children of Grenadian immigrants, Lorraine looks forward to engaging even more with all the Black Ecosystem partners to support furthering the vision and mission of ACBN in her new role as President. 

Headshot ACBN Vice president Margaret Walker

Vice President

Margaret Walker

Raised in the inner cities of Kingston, Jamaica by business owners and grew to understand the pleasures and pains of entrepreneurship. Her passion for small businesses and community development resulted in her serving in facilitatory roles such as Consul for Trade and Investment at the Jamaica Consulate General and Associate Business Advisor at CIBC. Maggie continues to engage and serve the black community through her support and advocacy on the Board of the Afro-Caribbean Business Network and other community organizations.

Headshot ACBN Treasurer Nairobi Vision


Nairobi Vision, RH

Nairobi Vision, RH first encountered the ACBN when she was applying for a grant for her company Elemental Notes. She spends her time working with the community educating on the best ways to optimize one’s health naturally as well as providing customized premium herbal remedies for those seeking an alternative to conventional medicine. Nairobi is a Registered Clinical Herbalist with an extensive background in the financial sector. Nairobi enjoys learning the ins and outs of the Afro-Caribbean Business Network behind the scenes as an Executive Board member.

Headshot Michelle Clarke ACBN boardmember

Member at Large

Michelle Clarke

Headshot Colin Grimmond ACBN board member

Member at Large

Colin Grimmond

Headshot Cory Olton ACBN board member

Member at Large

Cory Olton

Headshot Sean Thompson ACBN Board member

Member at Large

Sean Thompson

Headshot Josette Drummond ACBN board member

Member at Large

Josette Drummond

Headshot Jills Brown ACBN board member

Member at Large

Jillisa Brown

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