Black Founders in Clean Technology

Certificate by Sheridan College
Applications will open for Spring 2024

The First Canadian Cleantech Certificate

Be a part of history.
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 Credibility & Trust

Build your future in confidence with Sheridan College.

High-quality Education

Created by Black entrepreneurs for Black entrepreneurs to succeed.


No other academic institution is offering such a course.

Support & Resources

Network with industry experts, established Black entrepreneurs.

Scholarships Available!


We are giving away 5-10 scholarships to support Black Founders in the path of exploring the Cleantech sector.
ACBN will provide 5 full scholarships or 10 partial depending on the capacity and selection process.

Apply for the scholarship here
Disclaimer: ACBN reserves the right to select the winners of the scholarship and communicate to Sheridan Continuing and Professional Studies the people selected to participate in the program with a partial or complete scholarship. The selection will be filled on a first come first served basis until the capacity is reached. 

Who is this Course For?


   Black entrepreneurs in the cleantech sector.


Aspiring Black entrepreneurs looking for business success.


Black intrapreneurs in the cleantech sector.


Black professionals looking to grow their networks within cleantech, connect with industry experts, and become part of an entrepreneurial community.

Start Your Future In Cleantech Today!


Visit the Sheridan College website today to learn more about this new program and great opportunity for your career in clean technology.

Why is this Course For you?

Benefit 1

Reflective and group coaching elements to build personal entrepreneurial endurance-focused on mindset, persistence, collaboration, confidence, wellbeing, self-awareness, relationship-building, resourcefulness.

Benefit 2

Curated guest speakers of Black Founders with relatable and inspiring personal experiences and demonstrated interest in being part of students’ ongoing networks of support.

Benefit 3

Engaging in Ubuntu learning, with roots in African ways of knowing and sharing, students will analyze the market potential of their business idea, craft a compelling value proposition and build networks with Black founders, funders and community resources to sustain personal, professional and venture development.

Explore Cleantech Innovation Info Sessions

These FREE info sessions are your gateway to the Black Founders in Clean Technology program, first-of-its-kind 10-week certificate in Canada offered by Sheridan College .

During this informative session, you’ll gain valuable insights into the cleantech industry and learn how to harness its potential for innovation and entrepreneurship. Our expert panelists will share their experiences, guiding you through the key elements of the program and showcasing the advantages of being part of the cleantech revolution.

Topics Covered:


  • Market potential of cleantech
  • Type of businesses in the cleantech sector
  • How you can develop the business acumen needed to identify environmental challenges
  • Innovations waiting to happen in the future of cleantech
  • How to be future -ready to leverage the power of a cleantech venture?
  • The success that is possible for you as a Black entrepreneur
  • Industry news, videos and case studies

Meet The Team



After surviving gun violence, Shereen honed her talents in social innovation. For over 15 years, she’s created workforce, business, cultural and educational programs to advance the socio-economic standing of Black youth/community in Toronto and the Caribbean.

Called on for her expertise in ideation, strategy & project management, Shereen has served in various roles in the non-profit and education space: Director of Operations, Program Manager, College Professor, Curriculum Developer, Trainer and Consultant. She’s the co-founder of: (1) The CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals, a Black-led/serving/ focused (B3) charity; (2) the All Out Campaign; and (3) Sistertalk Toronto. Her newest invention is SACCAE Studio, focused on Social Innovation.

As an Educator, Shereen is practiced in experiential and transformative learning pedagogy. She creates/ delivers immersive training related to: trauma-informed care, experiential healing, community-based education and business and non-profit development. Shereen has presented at conferences, educational institutions and community organizations addressing frontline, management and public officials.

Today, Shereen is completing a Masters in Education with a minor in educational policy at OISE, University of Toronto, to complement a Honors Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and a Social Service Worker Diploma.



Hands On Learning From Industry Experts





Chris-Beth Cowie is a dynamic and energetic visionary that inspires business owners to view entrepreneurship through the lens of culture, spirituality and wellness. She has held Business Mentor roles at Sheridan college and the City of Mississauga. 

As an engaging professional speaker and trainer, Chris-Beth specializes in Leadership & Entrepreneurship, and stands at the forefront of the social enterprise industry as the CEO of Empowered 4x, a business training and consulting firm in Canada.

Chris-Beth Cowie

Empowered 4x





Ryan is a serial social entrepreneur currently helping businesses to increase their capacity and create assets to grow generational wealth.

Ryan is on a mission to increase the amount of successful social enterprises in the community while helping to amplify their impact with access to funding. He is also involved in empowering youth to create their own opportunities and become leaders in the community.

Ryan Knight





Centering and supporting Black Founders to develop new ventures in the cleantech sector, this 10 week certificate course aims to build the entrepreneurial endurance and business acumen to identify environmental challenges, innovate solutions with market potential and locate resources and relationships to startup/sustain a business.

Founders will engage in hands-on learning circles led by Black innovators to acquire practical skills and strategies, actioning them through accountability challenges, group coaching, self reflection and networking. In this way, sessions are experiential and holistic in design to support personal and professional growth alongside venture development.

How Will You Learn

We hope you’re ready for an incredible journey filled with inspiration, knowledge, and empowerment.
10 sessions facilitated on Wednesdays (6-9 pm) coming in Spring 2024, consisting of:
  1. Eight (8) skill and community-building sessions, each facilitated in 3-hour sessions divided into two 90 mins components. The first 90 mins will explore topics through community learning. The following 90 mins will offer practical, hands-on activities that build demonstrable skills related to the week’s topic.
  2. Two (2) self-directed activation sessions for founders to action materials with or without collaborative peer support

The first and last sessions are in person and hosted at the EDGE, Sheridan’s launchpad for impact ventures.

Stay In The Loop

For course updates, enrollment details, and exclusive content related to black founders and cleantech entrepreneurship.

Learning Outcomes

Together, let’s shape a new era of Black entrepreneurs in cleantech and pave the way for a cleaner, brighter, and more prosperous tomorrow.

Assess the entrepreneurialism and cleantech innovation of Black founders

Explore environmental challenges that present entrepreneurial opportunities in cleantech

Assess the market potential and feasibility of new cleantech innovations

Craft a compelling value proposition

Identify sources of start up funding and understand how to position a venture for success

Build networks of support for continued personal, professional and venture development

Develop group coaching techniques to give, receive, assess and activate constructive feedback to aid personal, professional and venture development

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