A Metaverse mental health program established to help build community networks and support.
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What is Ubuntu?

The Afro Caribbean Business Network (ACBN) has a  Metaverse program called Ubuntu  to help build community networks and support.  A metaverse simply, is a space for people to participate and share in a virtual universe. Ubuntu allows the community to participate in community events, workshops and social gatherings.

What are the benefits?


Ubuntu is culturally responsive and specifically for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities.  


Ubuntu  provides a more engaging and authentic experience, which results in greater effectiveness.


Ubuntu empowers participants to connect with community members to enhance a sense of connectedness.

If you would like to hold your community event, meeting or workshop in Ubuntu please please contact: wellness@acbncanada.com

Mental Health Counselling

ACBN is offering FREE one to one counselling sessions by registered mental health practitioners via a Brief Solutions Focused Services Model (4 sessions). Brief Solutions Focused Services Model actively works towards solutions and encourages you to use your strengths. To register for mental health counselling. Please complete an Intake Assessment (LINK). Once completed the mental health practitioner will contact you. If you are in crisis, please go to your local hospital.


You develop a mindset for effective problem solving


Helps you identify goals to achieve.


Treatment is quicker than other forms of therapy

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