The Challenges of African Immigrants’ Entrepreneurship in Canada: A Case Study of African Immigrants Residing in Calgary

The goal of this research is to analyze the challenges that African immigrants encounter in entrepreneurship. The Canadian government acknowledges that immigrant entrepreneurship is important for the economic growth of the country and thus has made Canada a viable place for immigrant entrepreneurs. Little is known about African immigrant in entrepreneurship. Therefore this study gives a voice to African immigrant entrepreneurs by employing a qualitative in-depth interview method to understand the challenges encountered by these entrepreneurs in Calgary. Major findings of the study include: racism from whites, internalized racism and gender differences. Critical Race
Theory and Feminist theory were the theoretical frameworks used in the study. The study has also examined how racism and sexism interplay and disadvantage Black women in entrepreneurship. This research is to fill in gaps in literature on immigrant entrepreneurship in Canada by adding the experiences of African immigrants and analyzing how racism against racialized groups in Canada continues to exist.

Year Published:



Animwaa Obeng-Akrofi


Entrepreneurship, Immigration

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