Our emotional health encompasses emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It also determines how we manage stress, relationships, and decision-making. There are many different factors that affect mental health and these factors are often very different in each individual. A recent study, “Going it Alone: the mental health and well-being of entrepreneurs in Canada” illustrated some stark statistics around mental health in entrepreneurs. The study found 62% of the respondents reported feeling depressed at least once per week. Nearly half further reported that their mental health issues interfere with their ability to work. Lastly, female entrepreneurs in the early stage of their business were more likely to report mental health issues. These statistics paint a grave picture for entrepreneurs.

In recognition of the challenges that entrepreneurs face, we have developed an innovative mental health program to address the specific short-term mental health needs of Black entrepreneurs. Our wellness program offers members access to up to four free mental health counseling sessions which are conducted by a registered mental health practitioner. The mental health practitioner is skilled and is able to provide you with confidential, convenient video counseling as well as virtual reality-based counseling. If you identify as an entrepreneur who is Black and is 18 years or older you can take advantage of this amazing program. Please contact wellness@acbncaada.com for more information.

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